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Boards are crucial

Lately  I have read some interesting articles on boards by BCG, Kantar and CISL that caught my attention as I was finishing the Board Readiness Program by EWO an the Bestuurdersopleiding by Stella P.


All of them point out how crucial boards will be in the transformation towards a more sustainable future, aiming for long term wellbeing for all. The impact boards have by putting sustainability high on their agenda, ensures it will be integrated in the long term business strategy and support the necessary transformation. The understanding that sustainability is a prerequisie for the financial value creation by boards members and CEO’s is a game changer.


Are you a board member who believes in the opportunities this sustainable transformation brings but wants to get a better understanding how to identify those ?

Sustainabiss offers an individual training for (future) board members to guide them through the complex jungle of sustainability legislations, sustainability vocabulary and landscape. But more importantly to show them what business opportunities are out there, how to navigate future shifts and be strategically prepared.

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