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About us

Joined forces

Our story starts in 2000 in the management team of C&A Belgium. With Mimi as General Manager and Catherine as Change and Communication Manager, we guided the company through one of the biggest transformations in its history.  


Transformation, engagement, turn-around, 

Social engagement is key in our story.  


Our paths split in 2005Mimi further broadened her experience in other sectors, countries, and firms: operations in hospitals (COO@ZNA), marketing in an industrial environment (CMO@ Beaulieu International Group), general and strategic management in retail (VP@Grandvision; CEO@Mayerline).  

Catherine further developed her career at C&A , where she took on senior roles and projects in MarCom, Sustainability, and Project Management, resulting in a global expert role in Circularity and Transparency. 


Both Catherine's and Mimi's passion for helping companies with sustainable development brought them back together: "We can say with conviction that we have the right skills and can do-attitude to guide you and your company towards a sustainable future."


We stand for SUSTAINABISS 

Strategic Sustainability 

Servant Leadership

Pragmatic transformation

Value Creation


If only I had known and realised sooner....

I would have led differently.

Fortunately, I now get opportunities to inspire others and make their company future-proof.


I feel it is my responsibility

to help deliver the greatest transformation

in our recent history; a transformation that is necessary but also offers great opportunities. 

I strongly believe that one day we will proudly look back.




The toolbox of a good manager. We were formed from an economic model of profit maximisation and cost control. Resources seemed endless, energy, raw materials, water, people, brains, hands,... we would never be short of anything.

But today, we see a different reality playing out: system pressures and trends such as climate change, degradation of ecosystems, population growth and population migration will enforce change profoundly and will reshape business strategy forever.


We are not at a crossroads but at a point of no return... It is a fantastic opportunity to further use our skills and learnings to do SUSTAINABISS:  doing business in a sustainable and responsible way. 


We kindly invite you to explore our site and reflect on consider what we can do for you.

Working experiences

We have collaborated with renowned Belgian and international companies

in Belgium, Europe and the world.

  • Beaulieu International Group

  • C&A

  • GrandVision

  • Mayerline

  • ZNA

Learning track record

Longlife learning has always been our motto.

We are up to date with the latest management, coaching and sustainability techniques.



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