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Broad expertise in designing and transforming sustainability strategies into business opportunities based on a decade of experience at C&A global and supporting multiple projects with Sustainabiss.

Strong focus on data and performance management as well as marketing communication.

Deep knowledge of customers’ expectations and good understanding of upcoming EU legislation.

Passionate keynote speaker and trainer talking about the opportunities sustainability can bring us.

Collaboration with subject-matter experts in a wide range of expertises.

Strategic Sustainability | Circular Economy | Communication Transparency & Traceability | Customer Engagement | Change Management


The Microfibre consortium.png

Working with SME and global companies

in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Based on the capabilities required for the project, I collaborate with freelance subject-matter experts to guarantee the required knowledge and set of skills.

I feel it is my responsibility

to help deliver the greatest transformation

in our recent history; a transformation that is necessary but also offers great opportunities. 

I strongly believe that one day we will proudly look back.

I work with freelance experts to make sure we can deliver the best outcome for your challenge.

Catherine Louies


Past Projects - Highlights

  • Implementation of environmental and social programs to achieve goals of C&A's global sustainability strategy 2020.

  • Development of the global sustainability strategy 2028 of C&A Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China

  • Support a circularity strategy development process through organising and moderating workshops in the main six global regions for SIG, a CH-based packaging company.

  • Development of a sustainability strategy for Molenbergnatie, a transhipment company in the Antwerp harbour.

  • Support the development of the sustainability approach for the 3 brands of a Belgian fashion retail group to deliver the best-fit-to-brand sustainability programs and communication.

  • Support the development of a communication’s approach for The Microfibre Consortium, a UK-based NGO working with the textile industry to reduce microfibre release and protect the environment.

  • Ad-hoc student seminar lecturer at Thomas More and Fashion Summer School UA

  • Participated in book Do Tell, BAM marketing book of the year 2024 on the need of transparency.

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