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I feel it is my responsibility

to help deliver the greatest transformation

in our recent history; a transformation that is necessary but also offers great opportunities. 

I strongly believe that one day we will proudly look back.

I work with freelance experts to make sure we can deliver the best outcome for your challenge.

Catherine Louies


Broad expertise in designing and transforming sustainability strategies into business opportunities, with a strong focus on data and performance management as well as marketing communication. Deep knowledge of customers’ expectations and good understanding of upcoming EU legislation.

Collaboration with subject-matter experts in a wide range of expertises.

Strategic Sustainability | Circular Economy | Transparency & Traceability | Change Management | Customer Engagement | Communication


Past Projects

We have worked with SME and global companies

in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world.

Based on the capabilities required for the project, I collaborate with freelance subject-matter experts to guarantee the required knowledge and set of skills.

  • Support a circularity strategy development process through organising and moderating workshops in the main six global regions for a CH-based packaging company.

  • Development of a sustainability strategy for a transhipment company in the Antwerp harbour in close collaboration.

  • Support the development of the sustainability approach of a national retail holding to deliver the best-fit-to-brand sustainability programs and communication.

  • Development of a communication approach for a UK-based foundation supporting microfibres research.

  • Ad-hoc student lecturer, panellist and expertise sharing on sustainability topics as transparency, circularity, collaboration, and employee engagement. 

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