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Sustainability advise feathers


We offer a sustainable and embedded approach.


 By tailoring each solution

to your unique needs and at your own pace,

We ensure that the sustainability journey is both effective and sustainable in the long run.


Our approach to sustainability emphasizes the importance of your employees in driving change. 


By adapting the project to your company, sector and ambition, we ensure an impactful and successful transformation. 

We can help you with the full strategy development but also with very specific projects related to any sustainability Environmental, Social or Governance topic.


Understanding your business model and value creation in the sector is key.

Your sustainability strategy must support your business strategy. It is crucial to determine how you want to position your business from a sustainability POV as this will determine the efforts and support the prioritisation.

Focus is crucial for success and feasibility.

After this step you 

- understand the needs of your customers

- have decided how to position your company in the competitive environment by 2030

- know your most important stakeholders and their interest and influence 

- understand the upcoming legal landscape (EU & national)

- (optional) have a double materiality assessment ready for assurance

- have engaged a group of internal sustainability champions

- understand reporting and communication needs 


Every organisation need a concrete, feasible and pragmatic sustainability approach

Sustainability covers many aspects and can become very complex so next to focu, it is crucial to have SMART KPI's, clearly defined roadmaps and programs  to make sure all teams work towards the same goals.

After this step you will have

- an overview of the material topics and goals linked to each topic that fit the ambition set in step 1 or in case of a revision past defined ambitions.

- clear description of each goal to be used by the managers and sustainability champions to train and engage internal teams

- SMART KPI's that serve the development of the projectplans, budget calculations and reporting needs

- (optional : better understanding of the ideal sustainability team organisational set-up)



Once the goals and strategy for your company's sustainability transformation is clear, all involved teams can develop their roadmaps.

To deliver a sucesful sustainability strategy good business practise, and a pragmatic approach is crucial. Teams need to be engaged, understand their responsibility and involving them from the start asking them to develop their own roadmaps is the way to do so

After this step

- the involved teams will know exactly what to achieve and determined the crucial resources to do so

partnerships, collaboration opportunities, memberships and external support where needed will be identified/chosen (f.i climate footprint calculations, certification bodies, ranking tools, social audit support etc.)

- each goal and KPI will be supported by a project plan with clear milestones 

- required data performance management system will be described 


Transparency is gaining importance for your customers, employees, shareholders, investors and also for governments!

It is not only about mandatory reporting, but also about engaging your customers, attracting talent, convince investors. Talking about your achievements, being honest about your challenges, encouraging your stakeholders to take the hurdles together with you is all part of a good sustainability communication approach.

During this step you will

- understand how to engage with your customers

- give your marketeers new content to enhance your brand reputation

- have the key topics to talk to your other external stakeholders (including a corporate communication approach)

- have the base to develop an annual report (or in case of mandatory reporting the content to develop an CSRD compliant report) 

- understand the ins and outs of greenwashing

- (optional pitch for marketing/reporting agencies)


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