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Our philosophy

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Now is the moment to rethink, react, regenerate

Yes, we know. You are fully occupied with your day-to-day business and unexpected turbulations. System pressures influence your business but also the habits and preferences of consumers. Business as usual may seem OK, but is no longer OK. Different production and consumption patterns are needed and will happen.  They are popping up everywhere. And also governments will install new legislation and regulations.

So the time to change is now. Now is the right moment to grab the opportunity to look at your business from a multi-level approach. It’s time to start doing SUSTAINABISS.

Sustainability is an opportunity. Sustainability drives your long-term agenda.  Do not greenwash, do not polish your stories, but do things differently than before and embed them strategically. Embrace the change!


You are not alone on this journey. Build partnerships. Share your challenges and opportunities, use our and your network to drive a more sustainable future. We owe it to generations who will come next to us. 

We shall challenge you, we shall provide you with showcases, we shall  inspire you.

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Of course you want and need to
generate value

Your value model works because you inspire your teams for a common goal. Great, so far.


But your value model must also continue to exist in a sustainable context: environmental, societal and transparent. 

As such you should understand the impact areas, which are considered to be important by all your stakeholders; not only your financial stakeholders, but also your internal stakeholders (your employees and co-workers), the communities with whom you operate, your suppliers and your customers.


Your daily business keeps you busy and often awake at night, but the long-term strategic direction, survival and success of your business depends upon your choice of SUSTAINABISS .  Sounds exaggerated? No, it’s not. We would be delighted to be your sparring partner. 


System thinking… 
a holistic approach

In business we are so accustomed to thinking and acting in silos. While every business has an economic, social ànd environmental dimension, we have the tendency to narrow our role & reasoning into a purely economic one.  

To operate in a true sustainable way, we must understand the connections and dependencies between these three dimensions, seek synergies and partnerships, expand our network to innovate and make trade-offs. 

The responsibility of every company goes beyond the purely P&L reality. It demands a systemic, multi-disciplinary approach. We call it SUSTAINABISS.


let’s start
a reporting

Apparently self-regulating business doesn’t work when it comes to sustainable growth. Too bad. Sure, there are role model companies that stand for innovation and transformation while rewiring their business approach. 


Unfortunately change and adoption on a large scale will not happen without more policies. Policy and regulation will drive behavioural change. So do companies of which products and services have a direct impact on human well-being. They influence consumer behaviour too.


Practically speaking, policies will set a framework and demand accounting. You can choose to wait, or you can anticipate and communicate about your SUSTAINABISS


But how and where to start? We can help you defining your environmental, socio-cultural and/or innovative goals to shift. We can enhance your means of communication.  


You and your teams stay in the driver seat

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